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Successful events are founded on good sound. Our sound designers are happy to take on everything from press conferences to unveilings, entertainment shows, meetings and TV galas. They are used to major international projects that demand coordination with many different stakeholders. This means the end result must be exactly as agreed whether the job is in New York, Peking or Littleton.

It’s important to manage the whole audio chain. The sound technician must keep control of public sound, audio monitoring and maybe broadcasting with advanced global distribution. Special total solutions are sometimes necessary with e.g. an interpreter and delegate systems. Our sound technicians also have a system that scans radio frequencies on-site to optimize the use of vacant frequencies in order to avoid any interference.

In some cases we can divide the room and differentiate sound experiences, maybe even create a silent zone. Other times we strive for a uniform sound level so that the experience is the same whether the audience is close or far away from the stage. Sometimes we need to pump up the base so much that the event can be felt physically. Our dedicated sound technicians make all this possible.

Jonas Aronsson
Senior Project Manager
+46 736 20 85 20

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