Our service department provides constant maintenance of all of our equipment in purpose built premises. They also have support and maintenance agreements with more than 100 installations such as theatres, conference halls and sports facilities. It’s naturally important that equipment function for a long time, and just as we service our cars at frequent intervals, imaging, lighting and audio technology requires regular maintenance. It pays in the long run.

The department is also authorized to carry out repairs and maintenance of external equipment on behalf of some suppliers. This means if customers in the Nordic region have problems with e.g. a Panasonic LED screen, we are certified to repair it regardless of who sold the screen initially.

Our service personnel have specialist expertise in lighting, audio, IT and imaging. In their world, everything can be fixed – which is a profitable approach for everyone involved as it often concerns expensive equipment. Our service department means customers can be absolutely confident with what we deliver, whether the technology for an installation is rented or purchased. Our telephone support for contract customers is open from 07:00–23:00 seven days a week. Ultimately it’s all about keeping our promises, making sure our equipment works as it should at precisely the moment agreed upon. Our service department makes all this possible.

Simon Sjögren
Business manager
+46 736 20 85 16






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