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Light creates atmosphere. It’s about capturing a feeling and invoking a unique experience whether it’s a technology product that has to look good or an artist about to perform a spectacular show. Our lighting designers have extensive experience from assignments around the world. Together with project managers, production managers, riggers and operators they create light settings that emphasize what the customer wants to put across. The goal is always to create an experience beyond the normal.

We can deliver lighting to a wealth of different events ranging from meetings to exhibitions and shows. Our large lighting equipment inventory consists of exhibition lighting with fixed luminaires of many different types, and movable luminaires for entertainment and shows. We are also happy to customize lighting installations – so-called architectural lighting. Mediatec’s employees are always hunting for new solutions and maintain a constant dialogue with manufacturers about how to develop the next product generation.

We are experts in building the infrastructure around the lighting solutions the customer chooses. It’s often necessary to control lighting, audio and imaging together to integrate them and create a total experience. Mediatec has the technology and expertise to tailor total turnkey solutions.

Jonas Aronsson
Senior Project Manager
+46 736 20 85 20

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