When planning an event, it’s also important to think about the IT architecture. For example, our IT personnel will gladly help with the design of networks and systems, the integration of various applications and planning image flows in different channels. Sometimes we take part in the development phase and design an overall solution in which software works together with the hardware. In other cases we join the process later and take care of installation and finishing off on location.

Once on site, we often provide IT support. A great deal can happen during an event so it’s important to have capable IT technicians who can act quickly and effectively.

We can offer a range of different IT solutions to help any event take off such as highly reliable live streaming solutions and distribution to computers, smart phones or tablets. Our iTec meeting app creates the conditions for interactivity at meetings large and small. We can create the infrastructure for digital signage to enable the control of information flows to screens located at various points around the globe. Our IT project managers are proficient at choosing the right kind of touch screens depending on the type of display and can provide good advice in the jungle of cloud services out there.

Mediatec seeks to raise the participation of visitors at every event with the aid of e.g. WiFi, compelling displays and different kinds of visual expression. At the same time, it’s crucial for the organizer to feel confident that all the IT systems will function throughout the entire event. Our IT personnel will do everything to optimize and safeguard the solutions for your event.

Jonas Aronsson
Senior Project Manager
+46 736 20 85 20

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