The world of broadcasting has changed. The public expects a constant flow of new content to its TVs, computers and wireless devices – preferably live and always on demand. With the help of camera equipment from our production inventory, our dedicated personnel can help overcome all of these challenges. It could be anything from a concert at a festival with a number of different screens or a live-streamed press conference at an international launch.

Our visuals production arm is international in every sense of the word. Mediatec is represented locally in 13 countries as part of the NEP Worldwide Network and can carry out assignments in any part of the world. Our network is able to handle the most advanced camera productions. Super Bowl? Yes, we covered this event as recently as 2015. At the same time, no job is too small for us. An interactive meeting with just a few speakers often demands camera production to create the right dynamics.

It’s often about spanning great distances; about creating closeness. Our directors and photographers are experts at capturing the essence of what needs to be put across. Sometimes it’s visual pyrotechnics with smoke and lighting at a performance, other times it’s a sober press conference with serious content. Collaborations that focus on solutions mean we can offer productions that broadcast events and reach far beyond their venues. Making experiences larger than life is our passion.

Jonas Aronsson
Senior Project Manager
+46 736 20 85 20

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