Press release for Volvo Cars and Volvo S90


The S90 marks a giant step forward for Volvo Cars. The Swedish car maker is better known for its SUVs and estates, but with the launch of the S90 Volvo is clearly intent on shaking up the premium sedan segment with its distinctive executive class sedan.

Volvo invited the assembled media to their HQ and design center in Gothenburg for a spectacular afternoon. The reveal was created in the mood of clean Scandinavian design where the raw tree feeling was collaborated with sophisticated technology solutions.


For example, a giant LED screen was used as both interior design element, video screen and presentation tool.

Mediatec was turnkey technology provider for the pre press release event. Light, Video, Sound solutions was supplied at the Volvo HQ in Gothenburg Sweden.


For the general audience the new car will be shown at Detroit Motor Show in January. An event that Mediatec will support. In fact, It´s the greatest commitment Mediatec has been assigned for of Volvo Cars yet.

Photo cred: Samuel Wåhlstedt